Kirsten Little's practise is situated within a personal need and profound obsession with collecting, fabricating and recreating histories and functions of an object.

As a general line of enquiry the objects are ones without love, a bit dead exposing discolouration, disintegration, disregard and decay; slightly grubby around the edges. They have lost the importance they once held and it is this hidden, and even diminished, beauty within the concrete object she seek to explore.

'Recreating histories owned by no one; anonymous and of non importance, preserving the otherwise lost and iconizing it through small metamorphosis.'

Dabbling with the cabinet of curiosities, the domestic, the gothic, surrealism, abjection and modern culture the final result is often an amalgamation of material types crudely displayed to be on the edge of taste compromising the beauty they once held; whilst hopefully recreating new realms of beauty often with an underlying message of wit and sarcasm.

Suggestive as apposed to narrative the works indirectly hint at humanness symptomatic of a degree of disturbance, poetic, poignant yet hilarious resulting in an artist/narrator dialogue.

Titles are considered an integral part of the work , often borrowed from love songs, nursery rhymes or old books, they seek to add another edge to the uncertainty the work pursues.