Searching: Unexpected Treasures, 

Bridewell Studios and Gallery, 12th -21st September 2014

Threshold Festival 28th- 30th March 2014, Elevator Studios

Liverpool Light Night 2014 16th May, The Incubator Ninety Squared CIC

Elevator Showcase, 1st December 2013

Liverpool Light Night 2013 

Arena Auction 2013, Elevator Bar 3rd March 2013

Wimbledon College of Art Masters show 2012

Matt Roberts Art Gallery Internship, Vyner Street  2011

St. Johns Hospital Outdoor Sculpture show 22nd June 2011 Tooting London

Acquire Gallery Unexpected, Unexplored April 2011 Battersea London

The Nunnery Futura Bold/ Futura Oblique 3rd - 13th March 2011 Bow Church London

Sprouts Art Salad Alfresco 14th – 29th January 2011 Tooting, London

@Renaro Space 2nd - 9th December 2010 Wimbledon, London

Moor Music Festival 12th- 15th August - Art workshop Jar arts trail children’s workshop

Leeds Metropolitan Contemporary arts and Graphic Design degree show June 2010

Broadcasting Place, Leeds

Leeds city art council Art in unusual Spaces Leeds shopping plaza

24th November 2009 to February 2010

Leeds Light Night Woolgather The travelling Gallery 9th November 2009 Event for all ages

Something Visual Dave Cotton and George Booth present Obsession February 2009

St Johns church, 23 New Briggate, Leeds

Leeds met Gallery and Theatre 12th Feb-26th February 2009

Perhaps Nothing, Perhaps Something Samantha Donnelly, Cornelia Parker, Paul Rooney, Rachel Whiteread,Katy Woods and Chris Wright

Position: technician

Leeds Met GalleryNovember 2008 Love you more than yesterday but not more than tomorrow

Wirral Metropolitan Foundation Show June 2007